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About Prodigy Talent 

We are a licensed and franchised talent agency in Los Angeles, California. The agency represents clients in Television, Major Motion Pictures, Commercials, Print and New Media / Social Media

Are You Prodigy Material?

Are you Prodigy Material?

We look at actors as small, independent businesses. We treat you not as an individuals but as a business. This is called "Show Business" and, as a business, you are here to succeed. Our role as an agency is to partner with you and advise you in your career. We are here to get the actor to the door and to help them be prepared for being there -- Not to book the job for the actor. What the actor does at the audition is up to them.  As in every business, an actor must be involved in a strong and true marketing program to help enhance and build the business. An actor looking for an agency to do everything for them is never successful. And, we are not the agency for you.  However, an actor looking for an open, frank and honest partnership with their agency will always be successful. Those are the actors we look for.

To Submit:

The agency places a strong emphasis on business. 

For more about Christopher: http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm4727188/

Prodigy Talent is always adding new actors who are professional and dedicated to their careers.  

We will not accept actors who are "trying out acting" or want to do acting as a "hobby".  We require actors to demonstrate that they are constantly building a business, improving their careers when represented. 

We accept on line submissions at submit@prodigytalent.net or via our contact us form. 

All photos should be embedded (not as attachments) as well as a copy of your resume (embedded not attached) actors who are fluent in multiple languages or have strong Improv training are always encouraged to submit. 

We will accept links to Actors Access, LA Casting / Casting Networks sites in lieu of embedded materials as well.

We strongly encourage actors who have a strong interest in their business to submit.

We accept both SAG-AFTRA talent and not affiliated (non-SAG-AFTRA) talent as well.

Submissions sent to any other email address will not be accepted.